Bought a home in 2012 in Inman, Fayetteville, GA 30215

I would highly recommend Rukiya Sims to anyone who wants a professional who will be there from the very first phone call. She is very in tune with her clients and their needs. I went thru the house buying process alone because my husband was deployed, she was very knowledgable about locations around the metro Atlanta area. Once I decided on the area I wanted to live in Rukiya emailed me several properties daily to review, and in most cases, same-day appointments Were made for me to view desired properties. Rukiya was available via cell phone or text, if I left a message she would always call me back ASAP normally w/n the hour. She was very good about giving me her schedule (if she was going to be in a meeting etc). when I found properties on the Internet or driving through different neighborhoods I would call Rukiya and give her the info, she would take it from there. When I found my home she was the best advocate I could have had, she knew the market trend for the area so I didn’t overspend and at closing, I actually got money back. During the building of my new home I had to go out of town, and the entire time I was gone Rukiya would stay in constant contact with the builder, drive out to the property and call me with frequent updates which really gave me peace of mind because she was on the job. When Rukiya receives information that is beneficial to her clients and helps protects themselves during the buying /building process she quickly gets that information you. During the building of our new house, she received new info in reference to new home phase inspections, which made a big difference because the inspections allowed for repairs to be made during construction. After closing on my home and moving in Rukiya continues to f/u with me to make sure everything continues to go well in my new home. I encourage anyone looking for an HONEST REALTOR and PERSON to please call Rukiya , I guarantee you not from what I heard, but what I experienced as a client, you will not be disappointed in any way and she will help find you the perfect home, navigate you through all the tons of paperwork, and f/u with you for months afterward to ensure your continued satisfaction with your purchase.

— user0991440